Thursday, December 3, 2009

Funny thing happened this morning... I woke up with a headache, sore throat, aches, etc. and wanted nothing more than to go back to bed. However, that was not an option seeing that I have classes today. So, as I got ready I complained and muttered under my breath. I went to school upset and without having read my Bible.
So upon taking my first break (which was literally just a little while ago), I decided to catch up on my "quiet time with God". To my amazement, God called me out on my complaining and made me recall what I had just heard last nite at church. We as Christians, use Christ as a crutch. Why? Becuase we need Him. Our need for Him, in no way makes us weak. However, in order to ever become strong we must decrease as He increases. (John 3:30). We as humans, have abilities to accomplish certain things due to our given talents. But those talents are only given to us by God.
When I wake up in the morning I have two choices, I can either complain and waste a entire day feeling self-pity and upset.. or I can choose to pray, ask God to give me strength, and work anyways towards furthering His kingdom. When one asks for God's help, He will answer. He is ever faithful!

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